Mulford Chiropractic Spine & Sport


When you arrive, you will fill out brief paperwork then meet with the doctor.  Your first visit is designed to allow for the doctor to ask informative questions about your condition and what your expectations are in order to determine if chiropractic care can help you reach your optimal health. During this time period, you will have the ability to ask any questions or concerns you may have about your condition.  

A complete chiropractic examination will test your motor strength, reflexes and range of motion in the area of complaint.  During the exam you will be put through a series of orthopedic, neurological, and postural examinations to better understand your health and condition.

Once the examination has been performed, the doctors will discuss the plan of treatment which may include an adjustment, joint mobilization, physical therapy modalities or soft tissue therapy on the first day.  She will explain step by step procedures to make sure you are comfortable and proactive in your plan of care.

How Long Will The First Visit Take?
Your first visit to Mulford Chiropractic Spine & Sport typically lasts about forty-five minutes to one hour to allow for Dr. Mulford to thoroughly evaluate the area of chief complaint by performing orthopedic and neurological exams as well as a posture evaluation and orthotic scan.  After she has evaluated your condition, she will discuss your treatment plan to reach your optimal health.