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Mulford Chiropractic Spine & Sport is a fee-for-service (FFS) practice where the patient pays at the time service is rendered. Many of our patients are still able to use their personal insurance to cover all or part of their services with the out of network benefits. At the end of your appointment we will provide you with an invoice (superbill) listing the procedures or treatment received. The patient may then submit the form to their insurance. Most patients are reimbursed typically between 50-80%.

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Telephone and E-mail Consultation Policy

Note: In general, there is no fee for brief phone consultations during regular business hours. Please be aware that Dr. Rachelle Mulford may not be available to return your call or email until the next business day, as determined by the appointment schedule. For non-urgent matters that would best be attended to during an appointment, Dr. Mulford requests that you either (a) schedule an in-person or telephone consultation or (b) hold your question until your next appointment. If your question is nutritionally related, you will be charged the Nutritional Consultation rate on your next visit. This generally applies to questions that change the course of care or will take longer than 5 minutes to respond to either by phone or e-mail. Regular office fees will apply to extended phone or email consultations (beyond 5 minutes). Extended telephone consultations must be scheduled in advance during regular business hours. Dr. Mulford is currently available for BRIEF questions by e-mail. E-mails which take over 5 minutes to read and reply will be billed at the in-person consultation rate. Please do not write any urgent e-mail messages that require same-day attention. By sending an e-mail, you acknowledge and agree that a prompt reply is NOT required, expected, or contemplated. Telephone/e-mail consultations require a credit card guarantee, which will be charged for time spent over 5 minutes, prorated in 15 minute increments.

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