Mulford Chiropractic Spine & Sport


"I initially saw Dr. Mulford for a lower back injury and she ended up helping me with a shoulder injury that happened several years ago.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and professional.  She puts her clients at ease and has great rapport.  With each visit, I learn something new about myself and how to better care for this body.  In the many years that I have tried different chiropractors, Dr. Mulford is the most competent in her field.  I cannot recommend her enough - she does make a difference in your health!"- J.J., San Diego, CA

"Very friendly and professional. My whole family is happy to finally have found a DR. we can rely on. Thank you Dr. Mulford!!"-J.S., San Diego, CA

"Dr. Mulford is very trustworthy and dependable. This is a great office. Not only is the doctor is wonderful, she is very knowledgeable and cares about everyone. I appreciate her care, concern.

"I am a coach for Wrestling, as well as participate in Jiu Jitsu and Weightlifting.  My body gets pretty banged up from time to time and Dr. Mulford has done an excellent job at getting me back into the swing of things after injuries.  Her knowledge of the human anatomy is very impressive and she has an extensive amount of information for future prevention.  I would recommend Dr. Mulford to all of my wrestlers, grapplers, and weight lifters out there."- J.P., Las Vegas, NV 

 "I highly recommend Dr. Mulford for anyone seeking chiropractic care and especially to athletes because of her holistic approach to her practice.  Dr. Mulford is extremely patient-oriented; she focuses all of her attention on you and wants to know exactly what hurts, when it started and what makes it worse. She offers comprehensive treatment plans that include traditional adjustments but go well beyond that -- she is trained in new treatment technologies such as Graston & Kinesio taping that are expedite healing and minimize downtime. She works to get to the source of the symptoms and will give you exercises to do at home and "homework" in between visits. As soon as you get to know her you learn quite quickly that Dr. Mulford is an achiever. She is continually learning new technologies and studying new areas in the field so that she can offer her patients the best care possible.  Dr. Mulford understands active lifestyles and wants to get her patients back to the activities that they love pain-free.  She spent time as a trainer for professional athletes in the Bay Area and this is a huge benefit to all athletes who go to see her now. She keeps me injury free and doing the sports that I enjoy.  Dr. Mulford has the most amazing "bedside manner" of any doctor that I have encountered. She genuinely cares about her patients." -G.R., La Jolla, CA 

"Dr. Mulford is intelligent and knows what she is talking about. I have never met a chiropractor who has such a caring heart for her patients. I have gone to GI MDs for an internal GI problems and they could not help  me. Dr. Mulford led me to the natural approach with lifestyle changes and I feel like a new woman! Thanks Dr. Mulford!" -L.W.,  Chicago, IL 


"Dr. Rachelle Mulford is the most outstanding professional Chiropractor around! You've heard about "the girl next door", Dr. Mulford is like "the doctor/Chiropractor next door", with such a warm heart and such a great listener, she figures everything out and helps you on the spot! Many thanks to her and her practice!" -C.A., Annapolis, MD

"Definitely the place to go to when you are in pain! Dr. Mulford is very friendly and honest and tells you exactly when you need to know! I felt very comfortable with her and have no more aches!" -W. T., San Diego, CA

"Love this Dr! Helped with my tendinitis.Eliminated my pain with a few painless adjustments. Great personality and caring Doctor!" -J.B., Lakeside, CA

"Dr. Rachelle Mulford is not just a great Chiropractor, she's a wonderful person, very professional and really caring with me and all her patients. I have never felt this good as I do after her Chiropractic Care." A. P., San Diego, CA

"Dr Mulford takes great pride in what she does. She goes beyond what is expected & treats you as if you're her only patient! She's very personable & professional; such a welcoming feeling." K.G., Lahaina, HI


"Best Chiropractor ever!  So fun and knowledgeable, both my boyfriend and I see her and we adore her.  You can tell she genuinely loves her job by how much care and time she puts into each patient.  Something that I really like about her is that she educates you on whats going on with your body and how to fix/maintain things.  She truly wants to heal you, not rope you into excessive appts. that you don't need, like some Doctors.  I just saw her today and I feel amazing.  I can't wait to go back for my next appt.  I will def. never go to another chiro. besides her!"- A.K., San Diego, CA


"Fast recovery!  Dr Mulford was very helpful and knowledgeable AND she's great with kids.  I would highly recommend Dr Mulford to anyone needing chiropractic aid."- R.B., Las Vegas, NV  


"Dr Mulford is heaven sent. :) I've been so scared to go to a chiropractor but I was referred to Dr. Mulford by a friend... she made me feel so comfortable & was very sweet and gentle. I'd definitely recommend her to anyone!" N.F., Las Vegas, NV 


"Dr. Mulford gave me the most welcoming care and amazing results. She explained to me step by step the process of my treatments. Not only she  will explain your treatments and adjust you, she will take the time to sit back and listen to any questions you have. She has a great sense of humor and will help you feel comfortable in any way. "-J.A.B., Las Vegas, NV


"Dr. Rachelle Mulford is a miracle worker. I've had scoliosis for most of my life and she made the pain and discomfort disappear! She was very professional and considerate; always asking "how does that feel?" or "does that hurt?" to ensure the best treatment. She definitely is the only chiropractor that I will see from now on." -S.E., Yucaipa, CA 

"Amazing doctor!  She's not only the most personable doctor I've met but by far the most professional and caring!  She dedicates each moment of the appointment as if you're her only patient.  I would and will recommend her to everyone I know in and around the Southern California and Las Vegas areas!  I won't go to any other chiropractor!" -E. A, Fort Irwin, CA 

"If you want caring, friendly, and knowledgeable chiropractic care, then  Mulford Chiropractic is just the place for you.  This was my first time seeing a chiropractor and I was very nervous. Dr. Mulford explained my  problem and walked me through a reasonable treatment process. I received almost immediate results and will be a lifetime patient. Thank you for everything!" -C.C., Walnut, CA 


"Dr. Mulford was the key to my pregnancy she took all the stress off my body from it. I had headaches, backaches, neck pains, you name it I had it until I went to Dr. Mulford. I've never met someone that loves and is as dedicated to their career as she is."-S.R., Virginia Beach, VA


"Dr. Mulford is a very caring person who will go out of her way to help others. She is also very intelligent and makes me feel at ease when I am in her office." -M.A., Detroit, MI

 "Doctor Rachelle Mulford is one of THEE best doctors ever. She treats everyone patient with love and care.  Each one of her patients are special to her and she uses her heart to treat each of us.  She's great at what she does. She will inform you of every part of the treatment each time and let you know the approximate time it'll take for it to get better. She is very knowledgeable in what she does. Not only that, she LOVES what she does.  If you are looking for a GREAT doctor that actually cares about their patients and well being and not just for the incentives or revenue, Dr. Rachelle Mulford is the one to seek. She's awesome, and you'll see/feel the results!"-A.C., San Jose, CA

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